The end never justifies the means


Any organisation operating in the physical world must have a regular and reliable source of energy to enable it to do so. Most organisations have set fees, dues or charges which they levy on the membership in order to guarantee an income. The OMCE does not levy dues, but relies on fund-raising activities and donations from the members according to their means and consciences. Should the income be insufficient then obviously the work of the Order would suffer, but we rely on the integrity of the membership to support the material needs of the Militia.

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Membership of the OMCE is obtained by interview, selection, and invitation. All sincere seekers and workers, who are prepared to serve in harmony with the existing membership and to adhere to the rules of the Order, are eligible. Members are expected to be guided by their conscience in all matters.

Benefits of membership in the worldwide activities of the OMCE:

  • The satisfaction of contributing towards the advancement of humanity as a whole, and of individuals in need in particular, through selected charitable projects.
  • Personal growth and development.
  • Participation in local group meetings and esoteric activities.
  • Assisting in the establishment of centres of culture.

The Quality of our Membership is more important to us than the Quantity