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OMCE - Order Militia Crucifera Evangelica

The Order Militia Crucifera Evangelica (OMCE) is an international non-profit fraternal organisation, open to all men and women over eighteen who share its philosophy and who wish to improve themselves and serve the evolution of humanity. While the Order has a spiritual base, the members are free to follow their own conscience in all matters, including that of their preferred faith.

The Order, which studies such subjects as metaphysics, mysticism, gnosticism, Rosicrucianism and Rosicrucian history, expresses itself using the oral, ancient, western esoteric tradition.

The OMCE also promotes projects consecrated to the spiritual upliftment of humankind and of the individuals wishing to participate. The OMCE has many regional groups or Commanderies, organised in Preceptories and Priories. Participating in the Commanderies' work will help every one of our members to access the Source of our Tradition and to unveil their own Inner Light, thus serving to spread that Light to all those who are open to it and who wish to receive it.

Learning to receive and to give forms part of the lessons we have to go through, as well as learning to develop a more awakened attitude. This very gradual process of self development and mystical growth is facilitated by the work taking place in the Commanderies.




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