The end never justifies the means

The Militia and its history

The OMCE was first organized on July 16, 1990 in the spirit of what was thought to have occurred at the meeting tradition calls the Cruce Signandorum Conventus held on July 27, 1586 in Luneburg, Germany. This meeting was mentioned by Simon Studion in his work Naometria and was supposed to have been held to reorganize the M.C.E.. Traditionally, its purpose was to activate the surviving remnants of the Order of the Temple of Jerusalem (the Knights Templar) and that of the Rosae Crucis, and to actualise the mystical and spiritual doctrinal teachings and practices of both to present to a world on the brink of religious crisis.

The outer purpose of the M.C.E. was to protect the religious and mystical significance of the Cross and to prevent its use as an instrument of war. Secondly, the M.C.E. was directed to peacefully promote religious freedom, freedom of thought, and freedom of enquiry.

The Inner purpose of the M.C.E. was to establish an exoteric body of Servants of Light to direct and guide humanity towards mystical enlightenment.

One of the resulting establishments was 17th Century Rosicrucianism, which was an activation of the Rosae Crucis. Within the OMCE is the perpetuation of a Tradition as well as the Source of a Tradition. Most importantly, however, is the dedication of the Order to accomplish its original mission and plan organised nine centuries ago and inspired many centuries previously. Simply put, that mission is to serve humanity and all its aspects through esoteric, mystical, and spiritual work through the establishment of the sacred principles of freedom, tolerance, harmony, and the foundation of the spiritual practice.

Since its establishment the M.C.E has passed through active and passive periods of operation. From 1990 the Militia has been undergoing a world wide resurgence in response to the demands of the times. The Militia follows the compatible Traditions of the Knights Templar, espoused by the concept or chivalry; though the OMCE in this cycle does not claim to be the direct descendant of the Templars.