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Suggested reading list

Some of the books mentioned in this section may not always reflect the philosophy and views of the OMCE but are listed here to provide food for thought. What should be sought after is not simply the accumulation of encyclopaedic knowledge, but an expansion of the mind resulting from trying to understand the challenging ideas contained in some writings.


Paul Foster Case
"The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order"    ISBN 0 87728 608 6 (  )

A very good book for anybody interested in Rosicrucianism


Gary L. Stewart
"Awakened Attitude"       

This book explores different aspects of mysticism and personal growth. It touches on many subjects such as "Open-Mindedness", "Desire", "Spiritual Attainment", etc. Highly recommended.

Karl von Eckartshausen
"The Cloud upon the Sanctuary"   ISBN 1 55818 143 1" (  )

As infinity in numbers loses itself in the unit, and as  the innumerable rays of a circle are united in one single centre only, it is likewise with the mysteries; their hieroglyphics and infinite number of emblems have the object of exemplifying but one single truth." These words are taken from this book which is well worth reading. Highly recommended.

Abbé N. de Montfaucon de Villars
"Comte de Gabalis"    ISBN 0 7873 0271 6 (  )

This work comes with a warning: "this book is for the student who seeks to illuminate his intelligence by the torch of his own divinity. Let him whose quest is the gratification of a selfish intellectualism beware its pages, for this is a book of hidden mystery and power. Therefore let the mind be pure that it may invite the approach of the Pilgrim Soul and come into a new realisation of God's Omnipotence and Justice." 
This English translation includes a commentary and is highly recommended if you wish to discover more of the hidden mysteries of God and of the law governing the Solar Force.


Julius Evola
"The Hermetic Tradition"    ISBN 0 89281 451 9

An excellent book exploring the symbols and doctrine of the alchemists. Julius Evola shows, in his book, that the Hermetic science is one of human and natural transformation

Kabbalah & Jewish Mysticism

Gareth Knight
"A Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism" ISBN 0877283974 (  )

An exploration of the paths and spheres of the Tree of Life. The author explains much about the meanings behind the symbolism. Two worthwhile books (published in one book) to have if you are studying the Qabalah.

Dion Fortune
"The Mystical Qabalah"   ISBN 0 85030 335 4 (  )

One of the best book on the subject. A must for all students of the Qabalah.

"The Cosmic Doctrine"   ISBN 1 899585 05 2

Not an easy read, but really worthwhile if you can persevere through it. Highly recommended.

z'ev ben Shimon Halevi
"Tree of Life, An Introduction to the Cabala"    ISBN 0 09 112260 0
"A Kabbalistic Universe"    ISBN 0 87728 349 4
"Psychology & Kabbalah"   ISBN 0 946551 86 3
"The Way of Kabbalah"   ISBN 0 946551 37 5
"The Anatomy of Fate"    ISBN 0 946551 25 1
"Adam and the Kabbalistic Tree"    ISBN 0 946551 12 X

All the books written by Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi contain a wealth of knowledge and understanding. Not always easy to read and can be a bit too "academic" at times, but still, they are highly recommended. The book "Tree of Life, An Introduction to the Cabala" is a good one to begin with for anybody starting on this path.

Martin Buber
"The Origin and Meaning of Hasidism"     ISBN 0 391 03550 9

An excellent introduction into Hasidism. This work explains Hasidism's place in the history of religions and offers a rich insight into its teachings.


Olga Kharitidi
"Entering the Circle"    ISBN 0 7225 3459 0

The true story of a Russian Psychiatrist's introduction into Shamanism. Excellent.

Mircea Eliade
"Shamanism"    ISBN 0 14 019155 0

An exploration of the Shamanic tradition and of the different ways in which Shamans work throughout the world. Very academic, but still worth reading.


Henry Cornelius Agrippa
"Three Books of Occult Philosophy"    ISBN 0 87542 832 0

Lewis Spence
"The Encyclopedia of the Occult"    ISBN 1 85170 183 4

Self Development

Frances G Wickes
"The Inner World of Choice"    ISBN 0 904576 66 3

Charles T. Tart
"Living the Mindful Life"    ISBN 1 57062 003 2

Why are we doing what we are doing, can we change our attitude to things and people? This very good book explains the principles of mindfulness and show us how it is possible to develop a more awakened attitude. Highly recommended.

Roberto Assagioli
"Transpersonal Development"    ISBN 1 85538 291 1

Roberto Assagioli developed a type of therapy called Psychosynthesis which, unlike many other therapies, takes into account the spiritual dimension of mankind. This book touches on the different stages of personal and spiritual development. Highly recommended.

Connie Zweig and Jeremiah Abrams (Edited by)
"Meeting the Shadow, The Hidden Power of the Dark Side of Human Nature"    ISBN 0 87477 618 X

A collection of writings by many authors on the subject of the shadow. Very interesting for anyone wanting to know more about themselves and who are not afraid to look in the dark corners. Highly recommended.

Idries Shah
"Learning how to learn"    ISBN 0 14 007247 0

Written by an authentic Sufi representative in the West. Discusses and shows, by examples, the psychology of seekers of the esoteric and spiritual, and the psychological re-orientation necessary for "real learning" to occur, from a Sufi point of view and perspective. 


Elizabeth Anderton Fox
"Rituals of the Light Within" ISBN 978 0 9955117 3 6
"Journeys in the Light Within: Meditations by Elizabeth Anderton Fox" ISBN-10: ‎1912241161 - ISBN-13: ‎978-1912241163

Paul Christian
"The History and Practice of Magic"

Magic throughout the ages.

Manly P Hall
"The Secret Teachings of All Ages"    ISBN 0 89314 830 X

An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Kabalistic, and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy. This is quite an incredible and fascinating piece of work. A book to return to again and again as there is now way so much information can be taken in one read. Highly recommended.

Daisy E. Grove
"The Mystery Teaching of the Bible"

An excellent view of some aspects of the Bible. Highly recommended. Unfortunately, I do believe it is out of print.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
"The Fruits of the Tree of Life"    ISBN 2 85566 467 5
"Cosmic Balance, The Secret of Polarity"    ISBN 2 85566 710 0

Easy to read and full of insights although a little bit patronizing at times. Something to get you thinking and to open your mind.

H. P. Blavatsky (compiled by H.J. Spierenburg)
"The New Testament Commentaries"  ISBN 0 913004 51 0

Examines sections of the Gospels and Epistles from the perspective of their relation to the Mysteries which originally they expressed in their Greek, Aramaic and Hebrew languages. Defines the "original" meaning of some of the terms used in these languages which were later distorted to fit ecclesiastical and theological church dogmas.  

Denise Winn
"The Manipulated Mind"    ISBN 0 86304 025 X

Explains how some societies, organizations institutions, employers and cults use brainwashing, conditioning and indoctrination upon others. How to recognize such processes and resist their pernicious influence.  

Helen Seccombe
"A Love Affair with Light"

"Read it not with the mind, but understand it with the heart" - Gary L Stewart

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Algernon Blackwood
"The Complete John Silence Stories"  ISBN 0 486 29942 2

Here are six delightful stories, of the type affectionately known as 'weird', collected together in one volume. Elegant prose delivers intriguing and delicious tales in which Dr John Silence (the "Psychic Doctor") undertakes to diagnose and relieve psychic problems.

These stories are not only a good read, they are also instructional, betraying Blackwood's involvement with The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the later Holy Order of the Golden Dawn, headed by A E Waite. For example, here is a brief definition of an Elemental:

"... an Elemental is the active force behind the elements, - whether earth, air, water or fire, - it is impersonal in its essential nature, but can be focused, personified, ensouled, so to say, by those who know how - by magicians, if you will - for certain purposes of their own, much in the same way that steam and electricity can be harnessed by the practical man of this century."
(The Nemesis of Fire)

These stories are an engaging and interesting read