The end never justifies the means

UK Castrorum

For members of the OMCE, the BMO and the CR+C only.

The U.K. Castrorum is an important event in our calendar, where we meet together to participate in the Work and Rituals of the three Orders. For those members who are not working in Commanderies, the event is a great opportunity to meet with and to get to know some of your Sisters and Brothers and also to share with us in our Work. 
As our Knight Commander has stated ‘we live in tumultuous times’ and there is a great need for the Service that we give freely to the World. When we meet and work together the energy is enhanced and its strength and value cannot be underestimated.

Any member attending can be assured of a very warm welcome.

You can use the PayPal facility below to pay for your place, but remember that you must also send us your booking form.

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