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Essays & other writings

The following writings may or may not reflect the views of the OMCE. All of them are included on this site for their value in helping us think about our Self and our relationship with the Universe. They represent an exploration of thoughts and possibilities, an exploration of Life.

Not all the people who contributed to this section are OMCE Members. The copyright of the articles remains the property of the authors.

Gary L. Stewart: " The Value of Tradition "
" The Infinite "
" Introductory Elements of Initiation "
" Rare Initiation "

Elizabeth Anderton Fox:

" The Elixir of Life "

Channing Brown:

" Putting Humanity Back into Man "

Linda S. Schrigner:

" Life's Greatest Tutor "

Shirley Vivienne:

" Everyday Spirituality "

John A B Fox:

" Health in the Community "

Ivan Curtis

" Love "
" Sometimes "
" Shadows of Power "

Elisa Robinson

" The Realm of the Mystic "

Benjamin T Quaye

" The Path to Yonder Shore "

Chuck Dunning

" God's Rock "
" A Prayer of Light "

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