The end never justifies the means

All Together for the Holy Light

IX OMCE Brazilian Priory Castrorum

Confraternity of the Rose+Cross CR+C - Convetion

Martinist Meeting of the British Martinist Order - BMO

We, the OMCE Brazilian Priory, the Brazilian CR+C Imperator's representant, and the Brazilian delegate of the BMO are glad to announce the IX OMCE BRP Castrorum, the CR+C Convention, and BMO Martinist Meeting, with the theme "All together for the Holy Light".

The event will happen between November 28th, 2024, and December 1st, 2024, in the Recanto Champagnat venue, Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, and it'll include the presence of the complete Sovereign Priory of the OMCE and the Imperator of the CR+C, after a long time.

The registration fees are the following:

  • Single/individulal bedroom: US$275
  • Shared bedroom (2 people): US$230 - value per person

The registration fee includes the bedroom, meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), coffee breaks (2 per day), as well the space where we'll have the activities. As a reminder, the values should be paid until 11/10/2024.

For registration, please reach out to us using the email below:

We'll provide you with a link to pay for the registration (PayPal).

PS: as the Brazilian Priory of the OMCE doesn't have a bank account, the Priory members will be receiving the payments and paying the expenses directly to the venue.

We'll be waiting for you!