The end never justifies the means


Northern Lights Commanderie

Who can know that far off in the Misty Waves
another more excellent realm of thought exists?

The Northern Lights Commanderie invites you to join us for the 2023 NAP Castrorum and
Convention, which will be held from 18 May to 21 May 2023 at Manoir dYouville in the Montreal,
Quebec, Canada area. The web site address is:

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The theme is Transforming Thought.

“Thought” is the creative act, which relies on a myriad of internal impulses. While it arrives through
a seemingly passive state, it relies on both active and reactive experiences entering and held in the
mind. This is then colored by the intention of the thinker, who idealizes and then eventually
actualizes their thoughts into action. The process itself is therefore one of great responsibility since
it mirrors both the psyche/soul and the conscious mind and then projects it into the world.

Transforming Thought, however, entails an additional stage. While it can be many things, essentially it entails greater introspection, intent, and creative imagination. In a world filled with mindless “thinking” resulting in ill-informed acts, the ability to transform thought results, instead, in an inspired and creative world.

Our program begins early Thursday morning with BMO initiations followed on Friday and Saturday with OMCE and CR+C presentations and rituals and will conclude after lunch Sunday.

We hope you will join us for a unique and contemplative experience!

The registration fee is $175. To pay for it, please use one of the buttons listed below: